Biotechnology finds new antibiotic

Dr Sean Brady’s team at New York’s Rockefeller University has been busy unearthing antibiotics using a gene sequencing technique to analyse more than 1,000 soil samples taken from across the US and and they discovered malacidins. Their discovery represents the first discovery of a new class of antibiotic since the discovery of teixobactin in 2015…



Our ROBOX partners at UM and RUG have been using BVMO enzymes to synthesize lactones for polymer applications Exploring the Substrate Scope of Baeyer-Villiger Monooxygenases with Branched Lactones as Entry towards Polyesters Our partner UAB have published a ROBOX publication on immobilized self-sufficient Baeyer–Villiger monooxygenases is discussed. An immobilized and highly stabilized self-sufficient monooxygenase…


7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress

The 7th EuCheMS Chemistry conference, 26-30 August 2018 is in Liverpool, UK. The conference has excellent keynote speakers, and there is still time for submitting abstracts for oral and poster presentations (deadline February 19). See Although the conference covers all aspects of catalysis there is a strong biocatalysis lineup. Biological catalysis Convenor: Dick Janssen…


ROBOX Partners part of BIOCASCADES ITN meeting

The 1st BIOCASCADES Symposium “Reaction Concepts for Industrial Biocatalysis” will take place on April 9th – 11th 2018 in Bielefeld, Germany. The conference will bring together 100 participants from academia and industry offering network opportunities and fostering discussions on current advances in industrial biocatalysis. The lectures will be divided into three scientific sessions: Process Catalysis…


More Details on Cytochrome P450 Metabolite Synthesis

Our partner InnoSyn have published further details on this valuable technology PRODUCTION OF DICLOFENAC METABOLITES BY APPLYING CYTOCHROME P450 TECHNOLOGY Cytochrome P450 monooxygenases can catalyze highly regio- and stereo-selective oxidations of many organic compounds. Nevertheless, the scale-up of such biooxidations remains challenging due to the often-low activity, level of expression and stability of P450…


ROBOX interacts with Japan

A lecture was given by Prof. M.W. Fraaije to demonstrate the potential of flavin-containing enzymes for industrial applications to the Gratama Workshop in Groningen to promote collaboration on research in chemistry between Netherlands and Japan)