Work Package 7: Project Management

Objectives of WP7:

This Work package supports the integral management of the ROBOX project, and enables and stimulates efficient exchange of information and collaboration
Specific objectives include:

–    Ensuring proper implementation of Work Plan and achievement of ROBOX objectives
–    Efficient organisation and day-to-day management of the project
–    Preparing and managing the Consortium Agreement
–    Monitoring and ensuring on-time delivery of scientific and financial reports
–    Establish effective communication with the Commission
–    Ensuring meaningful interactions between collaborating Partners to enhance project outputs.
–    Organisation of project meetings
–    Stimulate / facilitate dissemination of results

Partners DSM, TU Graz, University of Groningen, University of Manchester, Danish Technical University, and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona , representing the Coordinator and all 6 work package leaders.

Questions, Feedback and Comments on any aspect of the ROBOX project are welcomed


“The research for this work has received funding from the European Union (EU) project ROBOX (grant agreement n° 635734) under EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme Research and Innovation actions H2020-LEIT BIO-2014-1”